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We support people in creating a workspace and healthy work habits to reduce discomfort and risk of injury. 


Balance Ergo

At Balance Ergo, we know that work doesn't have to hurt


As our lives have become centred around technology and sedentary behaviours, our bodies are paying the price in ways that affect quality of life and work productivity.   


It doesn't have to be that way. 


Most simply aren't aware of the principles to apply nor how to apply them.

We can help. 

We provide education on ergonomic principles and help you strategize on how to apply them in your personal circumstance and work environment.  

For those who work at home for an employer, this consult will provide education on ergonomic best practices and include a written report and recommendations to address risk for ergonomic risks.  

For the personal home office, the self-employed, the gig-worker, the writer, the designer.  

If your use of home office is not for an employer, this consult will teach you basic ergonomic best practices, review existing equipment and develop creative solutions to minimize risk.

For little students or big students, we'll help provide the knowledge and solutions so they can focus on their studies without compromising their health and developing bodies, and develop positive work habits for their future.


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