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At Balance Ergo, our mission is simple - we want to help people stay safe and healthy.  Specifically, we want to provide education and resources to protect them from the negative consequences of computer based work.  We want to support individuals as well as help businesses to support their greatest asset; their employees.

Our Team

Carrie Jones

Carrie is the founder of Balance Ergo.  She spent 20+ years supporting injured and ill workers both in their rehabilitation and through the return to work process.  Perhaps this is why she now finds her passion in injury prevention.

With a formal education in Human Kinetics, Athletic Therapy and Human Resources, she combines her knowledge of human function (anatomy, biomechanics, physiology) with an HR lens to appreciate the value of employee wellness in business strategy and employee engagement and retention.  

Carrie is passionate about occupational health and safety with Office Ergonomics being her area of specialty.  She feels it doesn't get the attention it deserves despite the number of people who experience injury and discomfort related to their office work. 

Working safely is her focus, but she believes that physical wellness contributes to psychological wellness which in turn effects mood, morale and productivity. 

Carrie is a Kinesiologist, registered with the Canadian Kinesiology Association (CKA) and Kinesiology PEI 

Carrie left her home of Ontario in 2017 for a great adventure around the country.  3 days later she landed on Prince Edward Island and never left! 

She is always planning for the next time she can visit Spain to walk another Camino de Santiago.   

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