What's the benefit of a virtual consult over one in person?

During the time of Covid-19, it is safer and easily accessible.  By saving travel, it is much more affordable.  

Likewise, any follow-up needs can be facilitated more quickly


Flexibility of appointment times improves convenience

We have found great benefit from being able to see the client's workspace ahead of time and also from the ability to screen share and quickly pull up visual aides to help with what we are discussing.  Overall, we are finding this process much more efficient

What is Balance Ergo's approach and how are we different?

You may notice we don't use the phrase 'Ergo Assessment'.  That's because we see our service as a collaboration.  We are not simply evaluating what is wrong with the space.  We partner with the user to provide them the knowledge and information they can use to adopt good practices and then to collaborate with them to generate solutions that suit their personal circumstances - their particular stature, any existing symptoms/limitations, their budget, their aesthetics, their space.  

How does a home office consult differ from a traditional office space?

Working from home requires the meshing of personal and business spaces.  This can be both more and less difficult.  There may not be the space to implement a full office nor may it be practical to bring in regular office furniture but there is also the ability to implement personal preferences and be creative.

We consider your personal needs of the space when we try to generate solutions with you.  

What is the benefit?

Most people experience discomfort related to their computer use and accept that's 'just how it is'.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  Work shouldn't hurt.  Most people simply don't have the knowledge of how to work best to minimize the stress on the body.  Understanding and applying ergonomic principles will almost certainly reduce discomfort.  

Being in discomfort affects our mood and our productivity which can trickle over to our personal lives.

Many spend time and money on physiotherapy and massage, but investing in treating the cause of the symptoms is always going to be more cost effective than continuously chasing the consequences.

What is the process?

After booking a convenient time, you will receive an invoice.  Payment is required to confirm the appointment.


We will forward you a form to complete, and return, ahead of our scheduled appointment with photographs and measurements of you and your current space/equipment.


During our Zoom call we will discuss ergonomic best practices, review your current work habits and equipment to identify those things that create risk of injury and generate ideas to resolve those risks. 


If you have booked the Home Office Ergo Consult, you will receive a written report.  For other consults, you will receive an email summary of the solutions that we discussed.    

What kind of recommendations do you make?

Our focus is on RISK FACTORS; that is, the circumstances that increase the risk of injury, illness and tissue damage.  

We centre our recommendations around the reduction of risk factors, such as awkward postures, static postures  and repetition. If we see, for example, that one's neck is in a position that increases stress on the musculature and discs of the neck, our recommendation is to alter the neck posture.  We will provide suggestions on how that can be achieved but there are always any number of ways to achieve an outcome.  Ultimately, the user will need to select the method which best suits their circumstances.  

We reference the CSA Standard Z412-17 'Office Ergonomics - An application Standard for Workplace Ergonomics' as the guide for best practices.

What are my employer's responsibilities to my work from home office?

While everyone's employment terms will be unique, every jurisdiction has occupational health and safety legislation that dictates an employer must provide training on safe work practices and equipment to allow safe work.  Regardless of where your place of work is, your employer should do ensure that it is safe.  

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